Mental Health Checklist:

A life, any life, is a series of connections. Sometimes these links are broken. Unfortunately, sometimes there is no hand to reach out to or help when we need it most.

A life, any life, is a series of connections. Sometimes these links are broken. Unfortunately, sometimes there is no hand to reach out to or help when we need it most.

Selena Gomez launches mental health website

Selema Gomez, the singer and actress, now 30, experienced her mental and physical health crisis in the past decade. Her ability to address these issues encouraged her to reach out to help others. Today is World Mental Health Day, October 10, when medical teams and individuals worldwide seek to raise awareness, educate, advocate for mental health support, and remove the stigma associated with the disease.

Today Goma introduced the trailer for “My Mind & Me,” to be released on Apple TV Plus on November 4. She has also launched the “Wondermind” computer platform (, a mental health fitness site, to help people address various issues, including loneliness–an essential way to learn more about mental health.

Today, October 10, is World Mental Health Day. The need for help can be simple or overwhelming when we become depressed because the mental fog has depleted our view of the world of depression or other mental illnesses. This can result in a lasting depression that requires medical attention.

Since the Pandemic, the need for mental health services has increased. While legislation in the U.S. supports insurance and funding to place mental health on equal footing with physical health, budgets and services have not kept pace. As a result, parents seeking treatment for their children and teens are forced to pay “out-of-network” costs to find services for their children. Others unable to pay for these services have been forced to go without treatment, possibly causing safety issues in their communities.

In the last decade, Gomez has been diagnosed with lupus, a brain disease that impacts the joints and organs of the body, and bipolar illness, which includes bouts of depression and mania. Both are under control now, and she wants to reach out to help others learn about mental health and remove the stigma attached to these diseases.

Take this step to learn more. Check out the mental health fitness site. We must make mental health and well-being a global priority—NOW.

2 thoughts on “Mental Health Checklist:

  1. Enjoyed you post, especially since I work in mental health field (getting folks with addiction and mental health issues back into workplace). Also completed 1st novel which has mental health issues. Main character goes on rants and in one chapter there is suicidal ideation. So I added to back cover page (under my bio) the contact resources such as NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness) and the national emergency number 988 (which is great idea for a mental health version of 911. Who has time/wherewithall to dig up numbers in midst of a crisis! Check out my blog for this and affiliated posts and I would be delighted to send you a copy of the above referenced chapter to get your reaction given this topic. I’m at

    1. dunnwriteswell, Sorry I did not notice this sooner. I’ve been working on a memoir three-years in the making–funny how hard it is to write this stuff. Kuddos for assisting with this important work. I started out with depression 30 plus years ago, then progresses. Fortunately I am one who actually relies on a drug and isn’t tempted to forget or ignore it. I would appreciate reading– I’m still in edits, so who knows how long it will take to spring the book. But it is in the end a positive story–we can always use those.

      Is the checklist useful? Would you make additions, subtractions?

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